IVF - frequently asked questions.

What is the current take home baby rate for your clinic?
At Klinikk Hausken the take home baby rate for patients under the age of 36 is 50% on 1st attempt.

How many cycles do you perform per year at the clinic?
In 2019 we did 1200 cycles.

What is your embryo transfer policy?
How many embryos will you replace at one time?
We will transfer max 2 embryos per transfer.

What is the cost of the IVF with ICSI treatment?
Does this price include anything else? IVF including ICSI, use of EmbryScope (£700 additional cost at UK clinics), embryo glue, transfer and drugs used during egg collection will come to £2450. The only additional cost will be the initial consultation prior to starting treatment. This is where we do the necessary tests to be able to put together the right protocol for you as a couple. This also includes blood works, semen analysis and consultation at a cost of £200.

What is the cost for medication?
Medication varies as it depends on the protocol, but will be between £500- £1000. We work with a renowned UK pharmacy called Fertility2u  (http://www.fertility2u.com/)  who works with fertility medication and delivers all over the world.  You will be given a contact person who will arrange for a home delivery of the medication.

What happens to the costs if the cycle has to be abandoned?
The cost of an abandoned treatment depends on how far it has gone. Are we at the stage of no eggs for transfer there will be a cost as mentioned above (IVF + ICSI). If it’s at an earlier stage such as prior to progression scan and egg collection there will be no fee. Keep in mind you will be given a % chance at the initial consultation after the doctor has looked over the results. So you will have a good indication on what your success rate will be at the end of the initial consultation.

How long would I need to be there for treatment?
You will need to stay in Norway for one week. For example arrive on a Friday for progression scan which decides time of egg collection. Egg collection on Monday and transfer on Wednesday/Thursday depending on the embryo development. We have great prices on hotel accommodation.

Do you require a pretreatment visit or can treatment commence on the first day we arrive?
On what day of my cycle would we have to arrive? The initial consultation which I mentioned on q.4 is non-dependent on your menstrual cycle. Most patients choose to make the appointment for after their menstrual period, but it makes no difference to the doctor or the results.

Do you have a patient representative to help arrange airport transfer or hotel accommodations?
Please contact our Admin. Manager at camilla@klinikkhausken.no with any queries regarding travel and accommodation.

Do any tests need to be done in my home country before travelling?
No tests needed to be taken in the UK prior to the appointment. You will have to get the HIV, Hep B and C blood works done here in Norway during your first visit. According to Norwegian law the blood works has to be analyzed at a Norwegian lab approved for testing infectious diseases in connection to IVF treatment. This is at no extra cost and you will be given all the information needed on how and where to go prior to your appointment.

Is the clinic registered with any regulatory body?
We are UK HFEA equivalent registered and Dr. Hausken is GMC registered. We have to follow strict Norwegian guidelines and law to be able to practice and are regularly inspected by the HFEA equiv. regulatory body.

What is the price of Time-lapse imaging?
Here at Klinikk Hausken we use Time-lapse imaging as a standard for all our couples at no extra cost. Our aim is to do our very best to maximize every aspect of the treatment. And for us to achieve this we felt it necessary to offer every couple this amazing new technology. There are a lot of factors that makes for a successful out come and we believe the Time-lapse imaging is a part of this success.

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